Fordham Campus

Keating hall Building
Oldest building on Fordham campus home to classrooms and administrative office

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Update on this clock!
Removal of the Clock Hands on Fordham University’s Rose Hill Campus

Fordham Campus

Marty's Court Building
A freshman dormitory composed of three sections- Goupil, Lalande, and Jogues, all named after 17th century Jesuit

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Grand Concourse


The Emigrant Savings Bank near the intersection of the Grand Concourse and Fordham Road is the tallest structure in this area of the Bronx, allowing the clocks to be seen for miles at any angle.

The second picture is the master clock. It is hidden away in a vault downstairs.

Landmarks Preservation Commisions list.

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Recent events

Lincoln Avenue


Estey Piano Building, converted into a mix of residential and commercial space, the clock mechanism has disappeared from the tower. 

"The Estey Piano & Organ Company was one of the most important players in the late 19th and early 20th Century Piano & Organ manufacturing business. Established in 1846, Estey was one of the few American manufacturers to survive over a century. By the 19th Century, Estey was the largest producer of organs in the world. In the late 19th Century, The Estey Organ Company purchased the Simpson & Proddow Piano Company of New York City, changing it to the now famous Estey Piano & Organ Company. For decades, Estey manufactured several lines of upright pianos, player pianos and grand pianos. Estey instruments are known far and wide as being exceptionally well made, durable instrument, and they are well worth restoration and preservation today. Production under the Estey name was discontinued sometime in the 1970s"
-Antique Piano Shop

E. Howard Clock Order Ledger, 1885 PDF LINK

Photographs by Vinit Parmar

Webster Avenue

52nd Police Precinct.

Photo: Vinit Parmar