Our Mission

To create, form and establish an organization to locate, identify and catalogue each of the remaining street and public clocks in the United States; 
To engage local communities in researching, photographing and restoring each clock;
To endeavor to ensure that each restored clocks is properly maintained, to work in concert with other similarly constituted organization with the same or similar objectives;
To hold discussions, meetings and forums to disseminate information concerning the purposes of the corporation; to hold fund raising activities to offset the cost of restoring each clock;
To solicit, receive and maintain funds from individuals and organizations for the clocks;
To foster and advance interest in the preservation of each clock from an historical, cultural and aesthetic perspective, to encourage the community to participate in the accomplishment and development of the goals of the corporation;
To foster and develop pride in the community;
To solicit, collect and raise funds to further the purposes of the corporation;
To stimulate, encourage, foster and promote interest in the preservation of the clocks saving them as mementos of historic interest
To acquire, assemble and disseminate information to inform interested individuals concerning the issues surrounding the restoration of each clock and generally to encourage, support and advance the purposes of the corporation by all available means and methods.