Lookalikes: The Yorkville Clock

New York City

State: NY
City: New York/Manhattan
Name of Clock: The Yorkville Clock
Kind of Clock: Post
Address of Clock: 1501 Third Avenue, NYC, NY
Maker of clock: E. Howard
How many faces: Two (black)
Size (diameter): 
Description: fluted black column with gold details. Clock head in shape of gold pocket watch.
Condition: Restored by Historical Arts and Casting and re-installed September 1999
Year installed: 189?
Any unique features: Clock head resembles pocket watch. Landmarked by the Landmarks Commission of New York City in 1981.
Is it working? Yes, electrical mechanism from Electric Time
Is it telling the correct time? Yes
Is someone responsible for the maintenance? Various members of the neighborhood committee are overseeing it.


Chapman College Campus
Orange, California
E. Howard Street Clock, circa 1885. 
Restored & installed 1995 by NAWCC Chapters 4 & 69.

Photo by M. A. Saiben, 2001.

Santa Fe

The Spitz Clock
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Restored 1994
Photo: Jim Colthup, 1995
Twin of Yorkville Clock, 1501 Third Avenue, New York, New York.

The Spitz Jewelry Store was established on the Plaza in 1881, and a clock, without works, was placed in front of the store to advertise the wares offered. Near the turn of the century, this "clock" was replaced by a functioning sidewalk clock which stood until 1915, when it was knocked down by one of the first motor trucks in Sante Fe. The third Spitz clock, standing here, was purchased second-hand by Salamon Spitz in 1916 and was brought to Sante Fe from Kansas City. It stood in front of the Spitz Jewelry Store until the Plaza's south portal was built in 1967. The clock was donated to the citizens of Sante Fe by Bernard Spitz, and was erected on this site in June of 1974.