New Hampshire


Frank Jones Brewery

Frank Jones bought out the brewery from its original founder, John Swindell in 1858, shorts after becoming partners. By 1882, it was the largest ale producer in the country, brewing 150,000 barrels of ale by that year. In 1888, the enormous clock tower was finished and stood 144 feet tall and had face that measured 11 feet across.

Only a few buildings are left of the massive brewery, the clock tower not among the survivors.

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Market Street

Clock by Rock Island Street Clock Company

Installed 2008


North Church
Congress Street


The Church was originally constructed in 1657, and the original clock tower built in 1749. When the church was demolished and rebuilt in 1854, a new clock by E Howard and Co. came soon after in 1856. The original bell was meant to be recast in England but was lost in a shipwreck.

photo: Tom Bernardin and