Manhattan (Q-T)

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Rockefeller Plaza

#45 (near West 49th Street)

Photo: Wayne Beugg, June 2001.

Rutherford Place

#4 (at 16th st)
St. George's Episcopal Church

This historic church was constructed in the year 1846-1856. The church exterior was designed by Charles Otto Blesch and the interior by Leopold Eidlitz. It is one of the two sanctuaries of the Calvary-St. George's Parish. 

The church was gutted by fire in 1865, but was rebuilt over the next 2 years. In 1889, more than twenty years after the church had been rebuilt, the spires on the two towers were removed.

For decades while J.P. Morgan was senior warden and the church's most influential parishioner, the church was colloquially referred to as "Morgan's Church".

The matching clocks that were once part of the beautiful spires remain, but are not working and frozen in time.  Save America's Clocks is heading up a special project that will hopefully get these twin beauties running once again.

Read about Save America's Clocks first visit to St. George in February of 1999.

Seventh Avenue

#714 (near West 47th Street)

Photo: Wayne Beugg, June 2001.

Sixth Avenue


Photo: Vinit Parmar.

Third Ave

#519 (near East 34th Street)

Lost Clock!

Photo: Beckett Logan, November 1973.

Third Avenue

Photo by Jared Goldstein, 2017

Third Avenue & East 85th Street

#1501 (Yorkville)
Restored and dedicated on September 15th, 1999.

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