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Wall Street


built in 1836-42 for the Merchants' Exchange. It became the U.S.Custom House for a while and then First National City Bank in 1907, which had McKim, Mead and White add several stories to the building. The clock was added during the 1907 renovation

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Photo: Jeremy Woodoff

Water Street


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West 54th Street


Photo: Tom Bernardin

West 14th Street

(near Eighth Avenue)

Former New York Savings Bank, now CVS on the corner of 14th and 8th. The "beehive clock" (beehive is the symbol of thrift) is secured to the wall about twelve feet above the sidewalk, there is a two-faced electric clock (plate 9). Each of its faces has a round dial in a leafy molding within a fluted. Square frame and spandrels decorated with bees. A glazed vitrine occupies the lower half of each face. Twisted colonnettes at the case's corners support a Roman molding cornice.

Link to landmark preservation PDF.

Photo: Tom Bernardin, Spring 1999.

West 14th Street


Photo: Vinit Parmar.

West 16th Street


New installation discovered October 2016.

Photo by Tom Bernardin.

West 20th Street

St. Peter's Church

Link to the church website.

Link to NY Times article.

West 29th Street


The Marble Collegiate Church, founded in 1628, is one of the oldest continuous Protestant congregations in North America.

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Photo by Tom Bernardin.

West 34th Street

#151 (between Sixth & Seventh Avenue)

Macy's Herald Square.

Photo: Wayne Beugg, June 2001.

West 34th Street

#151 (between Sixth & Seventh Avenue)

Macy's Doorway Clock.

Photo: Tom Bernardin, Wayne Beugg, June 2001.

West 34th Street

#200 (South West corner)

Working digital Tolex Clock at Tourneau.

Photo: Tom Bernardin, Fall 1999.

West 35 Street

(near Sixth Avenue)

Herald Square.

Minerva & The Bell Ringers.

One of three mechanical clock in NYC.

Moving figures simulate striking.

Restored by 34 St BID 1999.

Maintained by Marvin Schneider, NYC Clock Master.

West 48th Street


Photo: Wayne Beugg, June 2001.

West 59th Street

Self Winding clock installed in the 59th Street Subway station at Columbus Circle.

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Digital ID: (None) hhh
Reproduction Number: HAER NY,31-NEYO,86--11
Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540

West 63rd Street

Dante Park – Lincoln Center Triangle (near Broadway)

In front of the Lincoln Center is the eighteen-foot tall TimeSculpture, installed in Dante Park in 1988 and approved by the Art Commission of the City of New York to enhance the space in front of the city’s famous opera and ballet theatres.  The TimeSculpture has three larger faces at its top with one smaller clock on one side at the bottom.  The Movado Corporation helped with the installation and provides financial assistance for the maintenance to keep this modern art timepiece ticking.

West 73rd Street


Working digital clock.

Apple Bank.

Photo: Tom Bernardin, Spring 1999.